Rogue Dice - a bit more in depth info

Rogue Dice was made as part of a fairly simple project: Make a simple game. There were other options, but hey, make a game? I can do that.

It was made in 2 weeks, and it had to be made in"Processing". Processing is basically a java PApplet that has some openGL libraries. So you can easily make simple shapes, load images, that sort of thing. Everything else needs to be made via java, including, say, "Buttons". 

There's some hack-ish stuff going on here, but the basic idea that I wanted to run with was that rather than a normal RPG where you choose a move and commit the entire move, or maybe a bonus, you invest in moves. So rather than picking "Attack" and swinging out with an "attack" roll(or in the D&D style, something like a 2-stage "hit" and "attack" roll), you instead chose to use 2 dice to attack, 1 die to defend, stuff like that.

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Version 1 Oct 30, 2017

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